(For one portion)

Rack of lamb: 220 gm

Chopped coriander: 100 gm

Mustard: One Tsp

Salt and pepper according to taste: Half Tsp

Oil: 30 ml

Lamb jus: 75 ml

For the lamb jus:

Lamb stock: 200 ml

Red wine: 90 ml

Butter cube: 20 gm

Season with salt and pepper

Butter vegetable

Zucchini yellow and green: 40 gm

Bell pepper yellow and red: 20 gm

Asparagus: Four

Baby potato: 40 gm


Clean and trim the rack and season with salt and pepper. Seal the rack in a hot pan with a little oil. Apply the mustard on the top side and coat with the chopped fresh coriander leaves.

Arrange the rack in the tray and cook in the oven for seven minutes at 280 degrees Celsius, or use the micro-oven. Remove the rack and cut into gentle pieces.

Arrange in a dish and pour lamb jus on top. Boil the vegetable and sauté in butter. Arrange and serve hot.

Executive Chef Nagaraj Varadarajan did his Hotel management from Houston, TX. He has been associated with The Gateway Hotel Madurai since December 2012. His style of cooking includes the usage of international and local spices and fresh herbs for marination and cooking the dish in mud pots over a slow burner fire and the Grilled.