Dosa Food Festival

Savour crisp and soft dosas at the Dosa Food Festival in Park Plaza. The Festival is on at the 24/7 bytes restaurant till September 15. Dosas will be available for dinner from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

For registration and details call 0422-2626030, 4523030.

Exotic cakes at Chocko Choza

Chocko Choza introduces a new range of exotic cakes to cater to the varying taste buds of customers. Take your pick from flavours like Jelly Bean, Cream Berry, Pell Mell, Apple Fusion, Coffee Addict and OMG. Available in both it’s outlets, at R.S. Puram and Fun Republic Mall in Avinashi Road.

For details call 9994451192 or visit