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Updated: July 3, 2011 16:19 IST

Coffee bean talk

Vishnupriya Bhandaram
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Vaccum pressure coffee being made through the 'Siphon' method of coffee brewing. Photo: Mohammed Yousuf
Vaccum pressure coffee being made through the 'Siphon' method of coffee brewing. Photo: Mohammed Yousuf

The modest coffee shows its many avatars and tastes through the art of brewing

What gets you going in the morning? Is it a cup of coffee? Well, that dark liquid with a thick aroma has a story to tell. Coffee has layers to its taste, similar to wine if you will! The aroma, depth and flavour all add to the overall taste and texture of the coffee. The history of coffee bring is historical and its methods are culturally dependent.

Coffee making has come a long way, from Turkish Ibriks to the Italian Espresso. The beans remain the same but method of brewing lends a particular taste to the coffee.

Thanks to modern technology and busy lives, the experience of coffee has come down to becoming an over-the-counter affair. Espresso machines have taken over fresh brews.

Coffee Day Lounge presented a coffee experience to people through its alternative brewing techniques like the Siphon, French Press and Pour Over.

Siphon is a technique that looks more like a science experiment. The principle is based on vacuum extraction. Originating from Japan, this method involves heating up water in a lower compartment, allowing the vapour to condense and brew with the coffee beans and is then filtered by creating a vacuum.

The coffee from the Siphon method is lighter in its texture but is full of aroma, and a naturally bittersweet concoction.

Another method is the French Press which is based on the principle of infusion and originates from France. It draws similarity to our household decoction makers.

Hot water is used to extract the soluble coffee grounds and a plunger separates the powder from the liquid.

This coffee is rather heavy-bodied with a coarser texture and is quite intense in its flavour. One can feel the fine coffee extract in this blend.

Pour Over is rather simple, like its name. You filter the coffee hot-water through a filter sachet into a mug and you'll be done.

The taste is not as refined as the coffee you get from the Siphon method. This extract is rather black and viscous with a rich flavour.

Interesting mixes

The Lounge has brought Mixology as well, like martinis and cocktails now you have Coffeetinis, where the modest coffee puts on a party hat to paint the town, well, brown! These funky mixes of coffee have orange flavours, spices and tropical flavours with a nutty edge.

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