Fork You offers options to design your own burger

One of the recent arrivals at the artistic and fashionable utopia of Delhi, Fork You is making its presence felt at Hauz Khas Village. A hardcore American burger and steak joint, it couldn’t have been named better. As I entered Fork You, its rustic ambience, leather couches and neon lighting with an acoustic version of “Hotel California” in the background set the mood for a perfect evening.

My carnivorous instinct kicked in and I immediately ordered a platter of starters, keeping in my mind that I would end with a nice meaty burger. As my starters took some time I was served a piping hot Burnt Mushroom Soup with chicken granules. This was thick and filling, and finishing the bowl would not have left me space for the rest of the meal. The starters appeared and brought a smile to my face. Grilled chicken wings dipped in a barbeque sauce — juicy and tender though a pinch of seasoning would have lifted the dish — and crisp and tender Panko fried prawns were followed by Mozzarella chicken fingers served hot that just melted in the mouth.

Next came the Fork You special fried chicken, made in the American way loaded with cheese. A combination of Mozzarella and parmesan stuffed in chicken breast, it didn’t come out so well as a whole. Once the layer of cheese melts, the chicken gets dry and a bit chewy. The herb fried tenderloin steak was nice and juicy. The hot sauce forked chicken seemed tempting at the outset, but again the chicken didn’t have its own flavours. It was only the sauce which made the tender chicken edible. The fried calamari was fine, with a perfect crunch, and it went well with the dips.

After tasting all these delicacies I moved to order a burger. Instead of a menu to choose from, I got a form to fill. And that’s the USP of Fork You. It lets you create your own burger. The form is extensive, with tick mark options to select your patty, bun, cheese, sauce, toppings and sides. I went for 10-oz tenderloin medium to well done patty with oregano bun and American cheddar cheese, with a topping of pepper roasted mushrooms and garlic aioli sauce. It was a task to finish and an experience to have. The concept was perfect but the burger as a whole was average.

Meal for Two: Rs.1500

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