Dal makhani, rogan josh gravy and rice come together in this comfort dish

With the rains finally upon us, what better time than now to tuck into a bowl of steaming mutton khichda. Here’s a simple recipe:

Mutton Khichda

(Serves two)


Rice – 2 portions

Mutton – 400 gms

Dal makhani – 2 portions

Rogan josh gravy – 2 portions

Green chilli – 5 gms

Desi ghee – 40 gms

Ginger – 10 gms

Garlic – 20 gms

Green coriander – 50 gms

Garam masala – 6 gms

Salt – 4 gms

Lemon - 2


Take rice, add dal makhani, rogan josh gravy, green chilli, ginger, garlic, mutton keema and garam masala and boil till the mutton is tender.

When the mutton is tender add salt, lemon, desi ghee and cook it in a pressure cooker till the mutton is mixed with the rice.

Serve hot with chopped ginger, onion, chilli, green coriander and lemon.

Chef Nawal Prakash, cuisine trainer at Hinglish - The Colonial Café, has a two-decade-long experience in the industry. He has spent over eight years in Bermuda as an ‘Oriental Specialist’. He is also behind the establishment of restaurants like China Kitchen and TK’s in New Delhi. He currently works as a cuisine trainer and assistant vice-president with a corporate hospitality firm.


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