Rajdhani’s new outlet in Saket takes forward its tradition of good food and prompt service

Winters have almost hit Delhi and so has the season for steaks and grills. But for a change a hardcore vegetarian meal is also worth a try. And one of the best possible options is definitely Rajdhani – the vegetarian thali restaurant which recently opened an outlet in DLF Mall, Saket. They have a whopping 22,464 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan which they specialise in, out of which they offer 36 delicacies in one thali on a daily basis.

The ambience at the Saket outlet is similar to its other outlets. With over 80 covers, the restaurant is spacious and allows one to relax and eat peacefully. They truly believe the saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” and greeted me with a tilak and an aarti at the entrance. I took my seat and within four minutes my thali was filled with 36 items. Their service is rocket quick. Normally it takes almost two hours for me to complete my meal but this time it finished in flat 25 minutes.

I started with a welcome drink — khus sherbet — as it’s a tradition at Rajdhani. I had a sip and was refreshed, though it was sweeter than I expected. On the other hand, butter milk was perfect. Pickle and three chutney dips were placed quietly in the corner of the thali. Lightly tossed cabbage in carom seeds was tasty and just melted in my mouth. Deep fried corn and spinach stuffed dumplings were tasty too. Dal Bati choorma, one of the most popular Rajasthani delicacy on the menu, was served topped with two spoonfuls of desi ghee. Bati was nice but the dal’s suppressed flavours needed a pinch of seasoning to lift them.

I enjoyed the dum aloo and gatta curry with small, hot and fluffy rotis. Both the dishes were delicious and complemented each other. After four or five bites, a bite of a hot roti topped with white butter and a spoon of jaggery powder on it acted as a perfect refreshment and palate cleanser. The mildly sweet Gujarati dal was also a nice change, while the kadi, which is supposed to be eaten with khichdi, was pretty average. Both of them failed to impress me. Once the main course got over three desserts were offered. The light and hot gajar ka halwa made my day though it was not as it is served in Delhi — full of dry fruits and khoya.

Thali is priced at Rs.395 inclusive of all taxes.

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