At Blanco, the best of the East and the West comes on a platter

Blanco — the world cuisine restaurant in Khan market, is a favourite amongst youngsters and cricketers like Harbhajan Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni for it's cool ambience and trendy food. Serving a range of cuisines like Continental, Oriental and Thai, the restaurant has come up with a new East meets West menu for food lovers.

The soto soup with vegetables like broccoli, mushroom, baby corn and thin thai glass noodles and rice is a bit spicy but nutritious and filling nevertheless. It is almost a complete meal with a great balance of health and taste. The vegetable Vietnamese rolls with cucumber dip are passé.

Crunchy chicken

The stir-fried chicken with egg rice is a delight. The chicken is crisp, has the right amount of sauce, and the rice has a slightly orange hue lent by the tomatoes. The peanuts and stir-fried vegetables are the perfect frills. “Most of our dishes in this menu are platters served with rice or vegetables, enough for one to two people,” explains manager Mahesh Katiyal. The menu offers an array of options in roast like duck, prawn, pork and beef. “The roasted duck with braised flat noodles is really popular,” says Katiyal . The roasted chicken with barbeque sauce, mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables on the side looks appetising, but the chicken is not very tender.

For the vegetarians, there is goat cheese and asparagus pasta. Served with lightly toasted garlic bread, the pasta melts in your mouth. The pot of Mongolian noodles with black mushroom, beans and carrots can be a wholesome meal as it is saucy and does not need a supplement. You can end your meal on a sweet note with caramel pudding with blueberry sauce. In a typical East meets West accent, the English dessert is sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg powder, giving it a strong flavour. Served from 11a.m. to 1a.m. on all days, a meal for two would cost approximately Rs750-1000. The menu will be on till December 15. .

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