A simple and tasty dip

Call it chutney or dip, it is an easy to make accompaniment to sticks of cucumber, carrots or celery. Prepare it and serve as a finger dish.

Dahi aur maushami ki chutney


200 gms hung curd

200 gms sweet lime

200 mint

50 gm green chilli

10 gms roasted cumin seeds

10 gms dry whole red chilli

5 gms salt

5 gms rock salt

5 gms coriander seeds

2.5 gms black peppercorn

25 gms sugar

15 ml lemon juice


Take all the dry ingredients and roast and crush them coarsely in a hamam dasta (traditional hand grinder). Make a paste of green chilli, mint lemon juice and sugar. Peel and make small dices of sweet lime and marinate them with the green chilli and mint paste.Mix all the dry ingredients into hung curd and finally fold in the marinated sweet lime cubes.

Check for salt and pepper as per your taste.

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