This eatery claims to serve tasty food that is also healthy

What attracts attention to the newly opened Mexican Grill Subs is their all green décor and the loud announcements guaranteeing weight loss.’ The posters don’t just stop there, they claim to ‘have breakfast, lunch and dinner with fat free food.’ . Is the owner up for the challenge of a lab test for his food? “Oh yes, I am up for it. To anyone who asks me about proof, I tell them about myself. Being the owner of another food outlet—Mexican fried chicken, I would eat there all the time and as a result I put on weight. Ever since I started work on Mexican Grill Sub, I have shifted to eating these subs and I can tell with confidence that I have lost weight,” says Dushyant Reddy, one of the two partners who own Mexican Grill Sub in Jubilee Hills.

What makes subs of Mexican Grill Subs healthy? The team explains that base of the pizza is made from oats flour, the breads are baked locally in their own bakery and has everything from oats and ragi to rye and multigrain. The meat used is lean and weight of the birds does not exceed the one kilogram. Need we ask more?

“After completing my hotel management degree I worked in a number of food joints serving subs, fried chicken and pizza brands. After that I started the Mexican Fried Chicken; then I wanted to offer healthy food for health conscious people. After working and studying on the process of subs and salads, I began experimenting with my ideas,” says Dushyant.

The menu is designed in such a way that the ingredients can be altered to either make a sub, salad or a pizza. The ultra thin crust pizzas made from oats flour and processed fat-free cuts are a delight. “The meats are within the FDA limits and everything else is made in our kitchen. I also have a special diet plan chart which can be designed according to the preference of the customer. The diet plan has breakfast, lunch and dinner from Mexican Grill Subs and once the time and place is mentioned, we ensure delivery without a reminder,” says Dushyant.

Their diet chart, Dushyant claims, will help one lose weight within a week.

Mexican Grill Subs

Where: Road no 45, Jubilee Hills

Phone: 040 64500009