Charcoal Skewers, re-launched at Hotel Fortune Pandiyan, leads you into the world of kebabs, biryanis and a range of tandoori indulgence

With iridescent blue lighting, perfectly arranged furniture by the side of a well-manicured lawn and a cool looking pool, the scene at the newly re-launched open-air restaurant Charcoal Skewers, resembles a fairy tale setting. The barbeque restaurant specializes in over 20 varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs.

While you admire the dreamy setting on a breezy evening, Executive Chef Prabhat Chandra Kuila is busy in the out-door kitchen putting the marinated meat pieces on the skewers. As he places the skewered Pomfret on the charcoal barbeque and the Indian tandoor, a smoky sooty aroma grips the air.

“We re-launched the barbeque restaurant to offer our customers an experience of leisure. Fine-dining can also be outdoors and need not always be in an air-conditioned space,” observes T. Jegannathan, Food and Beverages Manager.

“It’s a la carte menu here offering pure Nawabi cuisine. Even the mixing of masalas used for marinating is authentically done. You may sense it in the taste and aroma,” vouches Prabhat. “We also give exclusive Awadhi kebabs which slightly differ from the Lucknowi style. Foodies can also enjoy a range of customized kebabs apart from the regular menu.” He cites Galawat Kebab as the signature dish, “It is mutton soaked in raw papaya paste and a number of spices. The papaya paste ensures succulence and tenderness.”

Tangdi Afghani kebab made with cashew paste, cheese and saffron; tandoori pomfret and Kalmi kebab which are skewered chicken thigh pieces with garam masala flavour and the tandoori jhinga, a variety of prawns kebab are the options for non-vegetarians. “Though, it’s primarily a non-vegetarian lair, we have introduced many interesting dishes for the vegetarians too. Yet, not all vegetables can be tandoor cooked or skewered in a barbeque,” says the Chef. However, the menu for vegetarians is also equally exciting. Dig into the dahi kebab, a rich dish made of cheese, hung curd, onions, capsicum, chilli and paneer with a strong green cardamom flavour or else bite into more earthy kebabs like vegetarian seekh kebab or noorani kebab -- tandoor made paneer with Indian spices and cheese spiked with an aroma of coconut paste.

Charcoal Skewers also offers a range of Awadhi and Hyderabadi biryanis. “Gosht Dum Biryani is typical of Hyderabadi style with lots of spice, whereas the Awadhi variety is comparatively bland with minimum masalas and more of cream and saffron,” says Prabhat. “Kebabs are just side dishes and can’t be taken as the main course and that’s where Biryani with gravy or tandoori rotis, naans and kulchas with dal makhni come handy.”

And when you are done with all the kebabs and biryanis do check out the delicious desserts that include everything of North Indian sweets from Gulab jamuns to rasgullas. “Not to miss the fried ice cream. It’s almost like a wholesome meal ,” promises Prabhat.

If you are up for some kebabs, be there anytime between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.