Feel like Frank Underwood as you take a headlong plunge into the sinful delicacies at G Bar

G bar is located on the top floor of the complex that houses The Grillhouse in Ulsoor. With a small bar stand, glass windows and a TV screen blaring the highlights from the IPL game last night, it looks more like a quaint restaurant than a resto pub. We start with portions of the delicious icy mango cocktail, with real mango pieces.

We start with sampling the excellent chicken wings that are available in teriyaki sauce, crispy fried and wings dunked in barbeque sauce. The wings were delicious and I almost felt like a Frank Underwood clone of the popular TV series fame; making plans to stall the American presidency while munching on a delicious saucy ribs. House of Cards references aside, the wings are cooked well, the sauces do well with the assortment and we would recommend the serving with the smoky barbeque sauce as the best. The sinful cheese and chilly fries, French fries baked with mozzarella chesse and served with a portion of the tangy Tabasco sauce is delightful to say the least. We also liked the lemon basil fish, served with a sweet sour gravy. If you are non vegetarian, the spicy Mexican shredded beef served with jalapenos reminds one of the beef served with chapattis and parotas in Kerala. It is high on spice and flavour and goes well as a starter and as a accompaniment to rice preparations.

Moving on to the main course, we binge on the superb burgers with massive lamb patties and an assortment of vegetables and sauces served with finger chips. The portions are huge and very good. The meat filling is soft and the sauces add to the flavour. The cut onions and the melting cheese and pickles that are part of the filling deserve special mention. As we gorge on the burgers, the manager tells us, “Hamburgers owe their origin to German immigrants in the United States who added minced meat to sandwiches and created the first burgers.”