The Bacon Club Burger is a hot favourite at the burger fest on at Cocoa Tree, Avenue Regent

A chunky beef patty, fresh lettuce, juicy tomato and gherkin slices, tangy onion rings with generous helpings of cheese and mustard. That’s the standard American burger for you, which has fans all over the world, especially in Kochi, as chef Joshua E.V. of Avenue Regent would say. The hotel’s Cocoa Tree is hosting its burger festival for the seventh consecutive year and its fan base has only increased, he adds.

New on the menu

As is the norm, every year, in addition to the favourites, new combinations are introduced. “The concept of a burger is incomplete without beef. But here we use a lot of chicken and fish, too,” says Joshua, who has been with Avenue Regent for the last 17 years. His Fillet O’ Fish is a delight as it has crumb-fried fish, lettuce and cheese, sprinkled with tartar sauce. The cheese, in all the burgers, is optional.

This year, the Bacon Club Burger seems to be the most favourite. It is a full meal by itself, containing a heavy grilled beef patty with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelised onion, cheese and fried eggs. French fries and sauces are served on the side. Joshua says his team would take about 15 minutes on a burger. The Tenderloin Burger is his pick. “The undercuts are always the best. It is soft and when combined with cheese, is a total winner.”

Vegetarians can try the only option on the menu, the Veggie Burger, which has a vegetarian patty with mushrooms and tomato along with cheese and caramelised onions.

For more side dishes, you could order cheese sticks, fish fingers or for the healthy eaters, tossed salads. A few lemonades and smoothies have been added to the burger festival. The chocolate, banana peanut butter milk shake, snicker knocker shake (cranberry and vanilla) and the blueberry smoothie (yoghurt and ice-cream) are a few on the menu.

If you want something lighter, try the variety of lemonades—mint, lemon, guava or kiwi. The guava lemonade, however, is pretty filling—a peppermint pink guava juice with a hint of lime.

The festival is on at Cocoa Tree till April 21. Depending on the response, it could be extended, says Joshua. Cocoa Tree is open till 1 a.m.

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