A place where both vegetarians and non-veg lovers will be equally satisfied

Steak House on Road no 12 also serves baked cheesecake. And one of the best, one would have eaten so far. If your sweet tooth is nagging for attention, then ask chef Inam for an apple pie as well. Barely one-month-old and Chef Inam’s Steak House loyalists are rejoicing at the fact that this new eatery has places to sit, chat and chomp away the meats, guilt-free.

So, what is new about the new Steak House? In comparison to the one on Road no 2, at Jubilee Hills, the new Steak House is now on a spacious place with non-fancy interiors which allows the food to do all the talking for the brand. So much so that celebs don’t mind sharing space with their fans on a day when he/she is on a meat-eating spree.

And this party can continue at your own home, backyard or the terrace. Inam provides bbq steaks, grill and coal. The ready-to-bbq meats are kept ready with the specified marination on prior order and all it needs is to be set on a bed of hot burning crackling coals.

Before we go on a meaty trail here is some good news for vegetarians. Steak House has included a lot of salads in introducing vegetarian bbq and promises to make the vegetarian platters look equally appetising and full as the non-veg options on the menu. This will include skimmed milk cottage cheese steaks where the cottage cheese will be made in-house.

In salads a few options which look promising is the Naomi’s Spinach walnut salad, Loir valley Salad and Yellow Spring nature. Each of these salads are packed with enough goodies to make it a wholesome meal.

One can begin their day with a packed health meal at Steak House. For health freaks or lets say for those who love to pump iron and eat a healthy wholesome meal after a long and good session in the gym can try Inam’s breakfast spread which comes with custom made protein meals.

Next on the menu which Inam plans is steam burgers, fish steaks and whole range of kebabs — Lahori and Turkish styled.

The other new additions or chef’s special which the eatery boasts of are: African chargrill steak, Hungarian smoked tenderloin, peri-peri glazed hamburger and whole range of veg and non-veg pasta with homemade sauces of the house.

Steak house also does special biryanis on order and these can be custom made according to one’s preference.

If you are tired of biryani then try the whole rib stack for a change and a meat lover will come back happy dreaming of a long slumber.

Steak House

Where: Road no 12, near the kamaan

What: Steaks and burgers; vegetarian options are available

When: Lunch and dinner; protein packed special breakfast also available; chef’s special desserts

Table for two: Rs 1000 approx

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