A not-so-simple scramble

Substitute every single ingredient in this recipe – except the eggs – for a spin on this breakfast dish, says self-taught chef Sandesh Reddy

Eggs are my favourite ingredients. I love eating them as much as I love cooking with them. The one thing I hate though is over cooked eggs of any sort. Scrambled eggs are always looked at as an after thought, like an omelette gone wrong or that quick fix egg dish to eat with toast.

For me scrambled eggs can be the most luxurious breakfast dish. I am going to share my (not so) simple scrambled egg technique. It's not so much a recipe as you can pretty much substitute every single ingredient with anything that you and no you may not substitute the eggs with paneer.

The science behind the recipe: The idea of adding stock to the yolks is to create steam. Since the whites are whipped, they barely need any heat to cook them. The eggs will continue to cook even after you take them off the flame because of the steam contained in the egg mixture and the residual heat in the pan.

Sandesh Reddy runs Sandy's, GoGo Ramen and a gastropub called Social in Chennai.

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