Try out this attractive looking dish which offers nutrition and taste in equal measure

Hidden in the three layers of this Chinese dish are the colours and goodness of fresh vegetables. Bound by potato starch, it might be slightly tricky but the end result would be a sure shot winner.

Broccoli with peppers


Broccoli — 250 gms

Red capsicum — 50 gms

Ginger — 20 gms

Garlic — 50 gms

Spring onion — 30 gms

Cherry tomato — 01

Red chillies — 5 gms

Salt — 4 gms

Sugar — 2 gms

Vegetable aroma powder — 5 gms

White pepper powder — 3 gms

Szechwan pepper flavoured oil — 5 gms

Potato starch — 5 gms

Flat noodle — 20 gms

Oil for frying — 200 gms

Sesame oil — 5 gms


Cut the broccoli in florets shape and soak in salt water. Peel ginger and garlic and chop them finely. Deseed the red capsicum and cut into triangular shapes. Dice the spring onion and red chillies. Blanch the broccoli and soak in ice water to retain the colour. Put oil in the pan and heat it, then deep fry the flat noodle until crisp and remove, stain the oil.

Add Szechwan flavoured oil in the pan and heat it, put chopped ginger, garlic, spring onion, red chillies one after another and sauté it. Add broccoli, red capsicum and seasoning and stir fry them quickly over a high flame and put potato starch for binding all the ingredients, and add sesame oil to enhance the aroma. Fry cherry tomato until skin is broken. Bring the skin on to the top so that it attains a wing-like shape. Place the crisp noodle on top of broccoli and above that place the cherry tomato and serve hot.

Prasenjit Majumder is a Masterchef at the Optus Sarovar Premiere. He specializes in Chinese cuisine and has over a decade of experience. Before joining Optus Sarovar Premiere in Gurgaon, he was working at

Radisson Blu, Nagpur as Junior Sous Chef. As a Masterchef at Oriental Blossom his responsibilities include highlighting the Chinese cuisine with a touch of fusion cuisine. He is also responsible for conducting food trials, setting menus for banquets, standardizing recipes and quality checking.

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