Crispy, golden eggplant allows fiery chilli garlic sauce to mellow it

Chinese, for us, brings in the familiarity of food next door. Here, the chef creates a main course with the Chinese favourite — egg plant. The vegetable is first given a pakora avatar, batter fried as it is with corn flour. To break the sedate flavour of eggplant, the chef has stuffed it with cabbage, carrots and corn flour. A belligerent chilli garlic sauce completes the mood.

Batons of eggplant in chilli garlic sauce


150 gms strips of eggplant

500 ml oil for frying

5 gms ginger

5 gms garlic

5 gms chopped onions

5 gms diced spring onions

30 gms chopped cabbage

30 gms chopped carrots

30 gms cottage cheese

10 gms devils chilli paste

5 gms tomato ketchup

1 tsp light soy sauce

0.5 gms salt

1 tsp MSG

1 tsp sugar

200 ml stock

50 gms corn flour

1 tsp vinegar

10 ml oil


Cut the eggplant into one inch thick halves. Make slits and stuff it with cabbage, carrots and cottage cheese. Seal and coat it with corn flour and deep fry till golden brown.

For the sauce

Heat oil in a pan, saute ginger, garlic and onions till fragrant. Add the chilli paste, tomato ketchup and mix well. Pour in the stock along with salt and MSG and adjust the seasoning. Thicken it with corn flour. Add vinegar to it in the end.

Pour the prepared sauce over the fried egg plant. Serve it with chopped spring onions.

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