The all-day dining restaurant, Pi at Hotel Avasa has more than just a few dishes to impress you

When you waltz into Pi, the all-day dining facility at Hotel Avasa, you won’t be disappointed because it will offer a culinary experience you’d want to remember. A fusion of white, lime-green and purple invites you in. The restaurant offers both buffet and a la carte options. Unlike other buffet spreads which have too much food for the plate and the mind, the spread at Pi is just right — you can remember what you ate and more importantly savour unique tastes. At the live counters, get a load of the finger food with fried baby corn, paneer shaslik, skewered baby potatoes and smoked chicken. You have a unique spread of cold salads as well, choose from either egg and cherry tomato salad, coloured bell pepper salad along with chicken salami and prawn salad. In the continental section, try the pan-Asian selection and you won’t go wrong with schezwan lotus curry or the Penang curry with steamed rice. In the Indian section, try the classic potato curry with a tangy twist. Non-vegetarians can be delighted with the tempting roast chicken with rosemary, also be sure to taste the chicken in oyster sauce. Their assortment of Indian breads too is quite exciting, make sure you are for the brown onion rotis — trust us, you could just eat the roti by itself. Here’s a pro-tip for the buffet spread, eat slowly and savour all the food, take little portions of everything to make the best use of the exotic buffet.

When it comes to desserts, you know they have saved the best for the last as you dip into the cream cheese peanut pudding which will set your taste buds craving for more, so with the teardrop chocolate cake which is a soft creamy concoction of chocolate. Try the baked cheesecake and queen’s pudding.

If you aren’t in the mood for all-you-can-eat spread, the a la carte menu is also exquisite. Begin your meal with either the paya shorba or the Winchester soup, a mellow warm concoction of chicken crock-pot, sage and cheddar pie. Go for the hand-pounded basil infused char grilled cottage cheese salad or the skillet flipped asparagus with herb flavoured bocconcini and horseradish cream. For the main course, try the Goan fish curry or the chemmen milagu varuval (prawns with black pepper). If you are in the mood for experiment, we suggest you get your hands down and dirty with the gongura chicken risotto or the gutti vankaya risotto. Don’t fill up your stomach with the main course of you’ll miss out on sugary sweet delights. Desserts, again in the a la carte menu are a hit, go for a Belgian fondant with a soft centre with hazelnut sauce or the Scandinavian white chocolate brownie served along with blueberry compote and vanilla cream.


Where: Hotel Avasa, Madhapur

What: An all day multi-cuisine restaurant with buffet and a la carte options

USP: Desserts, desserts and did we mention, desserts?

Table for two: Rs. 2000 – 2500

Contact: 040 67282828