Hoppipola allows you to let your hair down over an interesting array of food and drink

Childhood lurks just a heartbeat away at Hoppipola, the new rooftop bar in Indiranagar. From the bright interiors, the tables that double up as blackboards, the array of flowerpots on the walls of the outdoor seating and the name itself which means “jumping into puddles” in Icelandic, this is certainly a place for those young at heart. Rainbows, dreams, laughter and happiness come easily here. Perhaps helped a little by the vividly-coloured cocktails they specialize in.

We start with a watermelon and basil mohito, an interesting combo which leaves one feeling very refreshed. This is followed by an eclectic swirl of apple and curry leaves which manages to somehow work and very well at that.

A glass of chilled white wine follows—topped with apple, lychee and pomegranate.

An endless array of food begins to arrive at our table. We are served, masumfaili, which is nothing more than good, ole masala peanuts.

The roasted nuts, tossed with onions, lime and a bit of spice coats our tongues with a reassuringly familiar miasma of flavours and we chew our way through the entire plate. Next is an empanada stuffed with jalapeño and corn called The Mexican—the crisp crust melts in your mouth and the filling is perfectly tempered, making it a sheer delight. OMG — cheese stuffed mushrooms is another absolute delight as is the harissian — grilled fish in Tunisian spices, the pimped shrimp — prawns tossed in chilli and garlic and the peanutty wings — chicken wings tossed in a caramel barbeque sauce and rubbed down with a spicy peanut mix.

The Rasta chicken, crispy fried chicken in Jamaican spices was a bit of a let down. Though the chicken was crisp and perfectly cooked and I didn’t care too much for the spices, they were too overpowering.

By now, I am feeling rather stuffed but the main course is already on its way. I pick my way through coin lambburgers—mini burgers with a succulent cutlet served with a side-order of coleslaw and fries. Nice enough but nothing earth shattering. Next comes a slice each of Margarita, pizza topped with tomato, cheese thin crust and Mario, a chicken sausage pizza.

The Mario was brilliant; the Margarita didn’t really do it for me. Last is a rather bland pasta—penne and chicken in pesto, tempered with a splash of rum. Nice enough but again, not spectacular and I couldn’t particularly taste the rum.

There is no dessert menu—the manager says that alcohol and dessert doesn’t really work together but he offers me a final drink, a Kamikaze shot that explodes on my tongue (and goes to my head) , more than making up for the lack of dessert.

The restaurant is located on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. Call 40894999

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