Rich in protein and neutral in taste, tofu lends itself beautifully to every dish

PHAD PHIK TAUHU by Chef Veena Arora

The neutral bean curd or tofu or tauhu works as the main ingredient of this dish for it blends well with anything. With a dominant presence in Asian cuisine, tofu is used interestingly and creatively in various dishes. In Thailand and Malaysia it is referred to as tauhu and is used in abundance. The Spice Route at the Imperial is hosting a food promotion featuring an array of tofu dishes from Thailand. The specialities include pla tauhu, soft and velvety bean curd with fillet of sole in oyster sauce and ginger sauce, phad phrik tauhu — stir-fried silky bean curd and bamboo shoots, in Thai basil sauce, tauhu nerng khing — steamed bean curd with leeks, shitake mushroom and ginger julienne in Thai soya paste and many more. The food promotion is on till the October 30th.


Silky bean curd – 1 no.

Peel garlic - 3 gms

Chilli red – 3 gms

Light soya sauce – 5 ml

Basil- 35 gms

Bamboo shoot – 30 gms

Oil - 5ml

Tempura flour – 35 gms

Vermicelli – 30 gms

Vegetable stock cube – ½ no.


Slice the bean curd into six pieces. Dust with tempura flour and deep fry it. Keep it aside. Fry the vermicelli and spread it out on a plate. Pound the chillies and garlic. Arrange the fried silky bean curd on the vermicelli. Pour oil into the wok, add pounded chillies and garlic and stir till it becomes light brown. Add bamboo shoot, adjust seasoning with light soya sauce then add a little bit of vegetable stock then add basil into it. Pour the bamboo shoot sauce over the bean curd and serve hot with rice.

Chef Veena Arora, Chef De Cuisine, The Spice Route, South East Asian Restaurant at The Imperial, has been bestowed with the honour of Best Lady Chef by Ministry of Tourism in India for her outstanding achievement and contribution to the promotion of tourism in the country. At The Spice Route, she has continued to create different versions of the cuisine for the Neo-Thai food lovers owing to the ever increasing popularity of the cuisine.


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