There are over 60 varieties of sweets and a twist to the popular Delhi Chaat here There are over 60 varieties of sweets and a twist to the popular Delhi Chaat here

An earthen pot coloured in rich brown, filled to the brim with bits of almond floating in cold milk — this is how badam milk is served at New Agarwal Bhavan on M.S. Ramaiah Road, Mathikere.

Rich, refreshing and earthy, the pots that it is served in is as much an attraction as the badam milk itself. Most customers end up tucking the pots into their bags to take back home. Rajesh Kumar has been running the New Agarwal Bhavan for the past 17 years and is completely unfazed by the competition he faces from other bakeries and sweet shops in the vicinity. “Customer loyalty can be assured if you focus on a certain target and deliver the best quality. Worrying about turnovers and rushing to increase the quantity only backfires in the end,” says Rajesh.

Runs in the family

Making sweets runs in the family. “For the past 50 years, my father has been running a similar eatery in Malleswaram, which is quite popular. I decided to do the same on my own here,” he says.

This is perhaps one of those few bakeries that allow its customers a purely vegetarian indulgence. The fifteen varieties of fresh cream pastries available here are all eggless.

While most of the sixty odd varieties of sweets available are Rajesh's own recipes, the chaat items are improvisations of the popular Delhi chaat. If you try the dhokla chaat, you are in for a treat. All the flavours — sweet, salt, sour and spice — please your gustatory senses, with each flavour unravelling as you take another bite.


Customers from every part of the country will find sweets of their choice here. With a team of 72, adept at the craft working for him, he has been able to stick to authentic recipes. “We wanted to cater to all kinds of customers and so it was important to employ people who were acquainted with the tastes,” explains Rajesh.

The litchi angur rabdi, among the sweets, is definitely something to try.


Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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