Pizza Pie is a cozy little pizza joint

There are few things more delightful than discovering an excellent eating place, especially after a long day at work. And if it is a pizzeria that serves hot, homemade pizza, all of life's weariness melts away into nothingness.

Pizza Pie is a true delight indeed, both in terms of food and décor. A little off the main road in Kacherippady, away from the routine travails of traffic, this quaint restaurant with a sprawling garden is the perfect place for a quiet evening and an exquisite meal. Owners Sona Thomas Johny and her husband Johny Samson share an unbreakable bond when it comes to the love for food. “We opened this restaurant for food lovers who appreciate good food,” says Sona. She makes the pizzas herself—thin crust, authentic Italian pizza. “Super thin crust,” corrects Sona.

For someone who has no formal background in cooking, Sona makes some brilliant pizza. The Chorizo Pie, a pizza topped with Spanish chorizos and mozzarella cheese, seasoned with smoked pimentón ‘paprika' and salt just awakens your tastebuds. Sona has done her Masters in Australia and then another on International Studies and Diplomacy in London. It while she was studying in Melbourne that she had a short stint at a pizzeria. “That is where I picked up the niceties of pizza-making,” she says.

Pizza fans

Though it just started off by making pizzas for the family, Sona found out that her pizzas had a great fan following. “So, why not start our own pizzeria, we thought,” says Johny. “Sona tried out some 90 pizzas before we started Pizza Pie,” he says.

The restaurant was set up less than three weeks. The garden was cleaned and the storehouse in the corner was transformed into a kitchen. Frenzied hours were spent sourcing things for the restaurant including posters, other knick knacks to deck it up and even the music. The USP of Pizza Pie, however, is that “we do not add preservatives or use anything other than extra-virgin olive oil and original imported cheese, sauces and other ingredients,” says Sona.

The pizzas here are all large—13 inches—start at Rs 400 and go up to Rs 800. A little too steep? “All the ingredients are imported,” reminds Sona. Every recipe on the menu is different, including the sauces. “Chorizo and turkey pizzas are not easily seen around here. And people are loving it,” says Sona.

Some of the pizzas she is really proud of are the Baked Basa with Onions and Olives, a delectable pizza with basa fish marinated in lemon garlic butter and topped with chef's special mayo, cheese, onions and olives; and the Smoked Turkey pizza with peppers. Johny, however, swears by Chorizo. Veggies have interesting options such as the Classic Margherita, Three Pepper Pie, White Veggie and the three Cheese Pizza. Sona says she plans to serve Calamari rings and French fries. The pizzeria, close to Matha Tourist Home at Kacherippady, is officially opening to the public only next month. It will be open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and till 11 p.m. on weekends. If you plan to visit, make a reservation. For reservations, call 9846744400.

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