Neung Roi serves authentic and flavourful delicacies from the four regions of Thailand

I make it a point to try out Thai food at least once a month. The reason is the medicinal property of the herbs used in it. My palate has also become accustomed to the taste, and I enjoy eating Thai delicacies now.

But there are only few restaurants in Delhi–NCR which are good at it. Recently I got an invite from Radisson Blu Plaza, Mahipalpur, which has come up with a new Thai restaurant Neung Roi. First thing which impressed me at Neung Roi was its lady chef. Whenever the executive chef of a restaurant is a lady, the whole ambience is quite different. Even the staff reflected the warmth and affection. I could notice the passion for her country while she took me through the menu which had select dishes from the four regions of Thailand.

I left it to her to serve me her choice of dishes. She started with appetisers from each region followed by salad and a soup. Grilled chicken with coriander roots and roasted chilli sauce came first. Chicken was served with skin and the pieces were soft. A slight crispiness would have made the dish better for me.

Prawn and lemon grass skewer was amazing. Beautifully presented, prawn was very flavourful. Tofu and betel nut leaf presented in a pandanus cup was a master dish, whose flavours were enhanced by the roasted coconut sprinkled on top. In salads, along with regular som tum, yam tuea plu, a wing bean salad, was served and what an amazing salad it was. Tom yum prawn soup was presented in a covered bowl and was made to perfection.

My main course had delicacies from Central, Isan, Lanna and Southern regions of Thailand. All the curies were accompanied by jasmine rice. Wok fried fish with spring onion and chilli was average and lacked the crunch. Even the seasoning was not balanced. But the Chicken green curry which was delicious. Basil kaffir leaves in coconut milk gave the curry a very authentic taste. Stir fried kale with morning glory was also nice, and is a good option for vegetarians. Selecting one dessert to end, Water Chestnut in coconut Jasmine syrup tempted me the most from the Central Thailand section. It was refreshing and soothing.

Meal for two: Rs.3000

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