Hotel Fortune Pandiyan brings another interesting festival “Kebab and parotta” for the city’s food lovers.

This one is showcased by the pool side and outside the regular restaurant. Yet, the aroma leads you automatically to Charcoal Skewers, the hotel’s barbeque sit-out.

On a Monday night, the chefs are busy grilling kababs on a skewer. The menu is limited because every item is prepared fresh on-the-spot for the ‘Kabab and Paratha’ festival. The Chefs have combined cuisines from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana, showcasing the best of the enriched, hidden and forgotten flavours of Nizams and Nawabs, says the Food and Beverages Manager, Ravisundar.

The fragrance of burning coal in the mud pot, grilled chicken and meat smell appetising and can force you into a sinful indulgence.

Start with murugh banno kabab, marinated bone less chicken wrapped in egg and cooked in Indian clay pot. The kabab is tastily ensconced in the paratha and accompanied with a few slices of onion and a gentle squeeze of lemon.

Try the gosht sekampuri kabab, a meaty delight with marinated mutton stuffed with yogurt and cheese and flavoured with grilled rich spices. Or the murugh ka shola, a boneless preparation, pudina neha kabab tender chicken drumsticks with a hint of mint and cilantro and kakori kabab, baby mutton minces marinated with traditional Awadhi flavour.

The vegetarian platter includes five varieties -- the sizzling paneer pasandeda kabab, marinated cottage cheese is stuffed and grilled in Indian barbecue.

It goes well with tandoori lacha paratha; The unique is boiled raw banana with fig and Indian spices that are fried and served with chutney. The best way to have it with is pudina paratha.

Then there is chukendeer ke kabab, cooked beetroot marinated with traditional Indian spices and grilled in tawa, hari mutter ke sheek kabab, tender garden fresh green peas cook with chilli, coriander, ginger and Indian spices and skewered and the tarkari sheek kabab, garden fresh minced vegetables flavoured with Indian garam masala and spices cooked on tandoori seekh.

Assorted parathas like the tandoori lacha paratha, pudina, methi, green chilli, red chilli, kashmiri and ulta tawa paratha also make their way into the menu. The fare is available on a la carte basis and includes curries and biryanis too.

The aroma, the breeze and the pool make for a magical concoction and one can relax, rewind and spend a quiet evening with business partners, family and friends digging into kebabs and parathas for dinner.

The vegetarian platter is priced at Rs.250 and the non-veg platter has two rates, Rs. Rs.300 and Rs.325, depending on the combination. Assorted parathas are priced at Rs. 90. Want to check it out? Be there after 7 p.m.

The festival is on till August 25. For reservations call 8220136666 and 9952424420.