This Spanish delight is a simple but impressive dish

Paella is often called the national dish of Spain. The dish originates from the Valencia region of Spain. Many also say that the dish was born out of adversity and the word ‘paella’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘baqiyah’.

In Valencia, the dish is traditionally cooked by men in open fires. A simple dish, you can try it out the comfort of your home kitchen.

Paella Valencia


1000 gms Bomba rice

300mls olive oil

3 gms saffron

500gms squid rings

500gms bassa

1 kg tiger prawns, whole

400gms clams

400gms mussels

300gms chicken

300gms chorizo

100gms salt

5gms pepper

50gms parsley

3 litre fish stock

700gms onion

100gms garlic


Heat olive oil in a paella pan. Add chopped onion and garlic, saute till translucent. Add the chicken, chorizo dices and the seafood, saute for two to 3 minutes. Add the raw Bomba rice and sauté.

Add paprika powder, the dissolved saffron and start pouring the stock into the mixture ladle by ladle. Season with salt and pepper when the rice absorbs all the stock and it is cooked and firm to bite. Turn the flame on high and crisp the rice from the bottom. This process is called Saukaraut.


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