If you are in a mood to treat yourself, a visit to the Kebab Studio is inevitable

The Kebab Studio is on the top most floor of the Goldfinch hotel. Seated by the large windows, you get a lovely glimpse of the city at night with tiny twinkling lights. The view is really pretty and the aroma from the kitchen makes it an enjoyable getaway. For music you have Krishna and his band singing live. They sing songs from Hindi and Kannada films, old and new. His soft voice floats across the hall as you sink into the relaxing ambience. The friendly staff pampers you.

The new menu at this studio offers a buffet with a wide range. To start with there are crisp kebabs that are barbecued right in the middle of your table on a tiny make-shift charcoal stove. To see your food cooked in front of you only adds to the excitement. The food is already marinated be it paneer, aloo or prawns and meat, they come in skewers and are place on this tandoor. While you sip your drink, you just have to turn the skewer for a couple of minutes or according to your taste and offload them on to your plate.

Master chef Dayal Singh is from the north and you instantly recognise the perfect Punjabi flavour in every bite. He insists that we have the ulta tawa paratha with mutton galouti kebab. This one is a soft juicy kebab looking like a cutlet with mince meat and loads of cheese stuffing. Sounds heavy? But it's worth every bite. This, insists the chef, we eat with the ulta tawa praratha that is cooked in desi ghee!

Let go and enjoy this rich meal loaded with calories. “We can even custom make this according to your desire that is sans the cheese and ghee,” explains the chef. But let us warn you that it may just not have the same effect.

The other must have is the thick lassi that is served in a matka. The lassi is so rich and creamy that it's quite filling. There is a live chaat counter. We try the pani poori, pani aloo puri and dahi papdi chaat, which tasted like it was picked right off from the streets of old Delhi, that is, the flavour had the perfect north Indian touch to it.

For main course, chef Singh, takes us through the vast buffet that offers salads, and pickles like black grape pickle (must try), and onion chutney (if you don't mind the after flavour you can give it a shot), and the array of green chilli pickles (if you want your insides on fire) and tiny onions marinated in sirka (vinegar). Food wise, you are spoilt for choice. We opt for the lovely aloo gobi, paneer masala, and chole, which is eaten with plain crisp rotis. Then it's that signature Punjabi kadi and chawal. The non-veg section too spoils you with a wide option and we treat ourselves with the Goan fish curry which goes really well with rice.

For desserts it is a mix of pastries, ice creams, soufflés and rabri, kheer, kassi halwa and cham cham. You can take your pick. The dinner buffet is truly a festive treat and worth every bite. The buffet offers a different menu every day so people will have something new to look forward to, explains the chef.

Kebab Studio, at Goldfinch Hotel, Crescent Road, Off Race Course Road, can be contacted on 41291300.