The Tasty Tangles offers South-East Asian cuisine on a fast track

The Tasty Tangles stands majestically on the second floor of the UB City Mall. The huge wood-panelled walls and classic interiors beckon. It helps that a section of the restaurant is open air, enhancing the dining experience further. The Tasty Tangles is one among many South-East Asian restaurants in the city that's trying to make its mark. They've introduced a new menu that aims at being tasty and healthy. Incidentally, ordering here is sort of stress free. You needn't hassle over ordering later, all you have to do is tick out the items you'd like to order once and for all.

The refreshingly minty preparation of ice tea goes well with Wasabi prawns by Sam Leong, which is crisply batter-fried tiger prawns dunked in a delectable sauce made of Japanese horse radish. The quantities served are fit to feed a family of five. The sea food cilantro broth is a new item on the menu. It's a swirl of lemon grass and bits and pieces of egg and chicken. It's absolutely yum. Almost immediately, the main course is served.

The Kung Pao chicken with egg noodles is an equal mix of herbs and spices. There's no distinct taste to it. It tastes like a regular noodle preparation. The Tasty Tangles special fried rice looks like an item that ought to be ordered. But, once again, it disappoints. It's a simple preparation of non-vegetarian fried rice.

The specialities section in the menu is a list of interesting names in vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. You can settle for wok fried vegetables with black bean chilli sauce. It tastes good. You could also try the House Favourite of roasted duck, Singapore with Hoisin sauce. The desserts prove a fitting end to the meal. You can choose from three options: seasonal fruit pudding, chocolate five spice brownie and fried cinnamon wonton ice cream. They're all equally tasty.

The Tasty Tangles is located on the second floor of UB City Mall, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore. For reservations call 41738812. The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.