Eating out: Haute Sauté, a place for world cuisine, holds out promise

Now a days malls have taken over from select market places to offer us the choicest of restaurants, thus transforming into food hubs. One of these select market places which was a popular hangout with young men and women was GK-1 M Block market. It has ceased to be as popular and the restaurant scene doesn’t hold out as much promise. All the famous outlets have either been shut or shifted but there are still a few which are keeping the spirit alive. I recently went to Haute Sauté, a place for world cuisine. Its French name beckoned me to try it out.

It has a young owner Rupin Malhotra who isquite enthusiastic about his venture. Within seconds he gave me a low-down on the whole concept and suggested me to try his favourites. In soups, a corn soup with Mexican flavours was served to me. The soup had good texture and was also well seasoned. But I would have liked had the accompanying bread been a little more crispy. Soon it was followed by a platter of starters. First I tasted the Italian import Arancini which is not a common dish in many Italian restaurants but its origin goes back to the 10th Century. It was served in its perfect form at Haute Sauté. Rice balls were crisp and flavourful. Baked macho nacho chicken, one of the signatures at Haute Sauté, was healthy and wholesome. Nachos gave the dish a nice crunch. Lamb minty bite was another masterpiece. Lamb was succulent and fresh mint gave it a refreshing feel. The flavour of mint had certain robustness to it. One of my favourites, chicken and mushroom risotto was nicely cooked. Garnished with parmesan it had a creamy texture. Grilled fish fillet followed my risotto. Fish was served with potato galette which was delicious. Even the wilted spinach tasted good with the sauce. At the end Rupin asked me to taste one of their highlights, Parmigiana and it indeed is a dish to be highlighted. The chicken was crisp and bursting with flavours. As a habit I signed off with a chocolate based dessert which can also be rated high.

Meal for two: Rs. 1000

Location: 68, main market, GK- 1

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