Tiramisu could well be the most overused dessert option in restaurants today. This Italian dessert made with mascarpone cheese has wooed Indian foodies zealously over the years. The layered dessert doesn’t demand too much time and effort — handful of mascarpone cheese, eggs, coffee, and tiramisu is not faraway.



60 gms mascarpone cheese

10gms sugar

5 ml tia maria (coffee liqour)

10 gms chocolate sponge

1 egg white

A hint of coffee


Whip egg white and sugar together, add mascarpone cheese to it. Add tia maria and coffee to it. In a martini glass bowl pour in these mixtures layer wise and serve it with chocolate cigar.

Bharat Alagh, Executive Chef at The Hans may have been trained in Mediterranean cuisine. But he says, his signature dish is the one that turns out well.

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