Dosas made of varietyof food grains beckon food lovers

Variety is the spice of life, they say. So even if you are used to your regular crispy, yummy and stuffed dosas, a dash of creativity in packaging can make a world of difference.

Dosas can be made more interesting than pizzas and the stuffing can be more vivid than that of burger is what the chefs at The Sangam Hotels are busy proving.

If you are avoiding crispy dosas because of your conscious diet regime, you can still afford to splurge on at the Dosa Festival, rolling out a wide range of colourful dosas made of millets and grains.

At Athangudi, the hotel’s flagship Chettinad restaurant, chefs are going out of the way to pamper dosa lovers’ taste buds.

A splash of oil, ladle full of batter with a host of multiple ingredients on the simmering tawa and you have an awesome range to choose from -- the colourful navadhaniya dosa, scrumptious rava dosa, usual adai, and aappam to name a few. Ragi comes in handy for the health conscious and you will not be able to tell the difference. ‘Kelvaraghu dosa’ matches up to expectations.

Kambu dosa is little fluffy and thick but tastes awesome with hot chilli chutney. The Andhra special Pesarattu made of green gram and flavoured with cumin, ginger and green chilli is not only healthy but also filling. The other attractions on the menu are ‘Kothumai dosa’, solamavu dosa, ellu dosa, kadalai dosa and Sevapparisi dosa.

An array of stuffing is on call. You can enrich your dosa with a dash of crab, prawn, mutton, chicken, fish, egg, podi, onion, ghee, masala, tomato, chilli, mushroom, cauliflower and puthina.

Still not satisfied, they try your own combinations.

Dosas with pizza stuffing or semiya, noodles…name it and we will make it for you,” says P. Azhaguraja, sous chef.

Apart from the usual half-a dozen chutney varieties, the festival also has chettinad kozhi kuruma, karaikudi kozhi varuval, meen varuval, meen thokku, meen kozhambu, mutton milagu masala, mutton kuruma, prawn thokku, nandu masala, kudal masala, nethili varuval and muttai masala.

For the vegetarians, the festival has murungaka charu, margandam charu, kavipoo kuzhambu, kalan masala, kathirikkai paruppu kuruma and vendakkai puli mandi. Dosas are priced at Rs.60 and variety dosas at Rs.75.

Non-veg kurumas and kozhambus are priced between Rs. 80 and Rs.130.

Not just die hard dosa fans, but everyone can have a go at the Dosa Festival. Pizzas and burgers can wait if we choose to embrace our traditional and healthy food items on wonderful evenings. The festival is on between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. till October 3.