Rolls United is located in a quaint small street in Koramangala and shares space with a host of eateries, small and big. The menu list is extensive and features entrees from across the planet, also describing the place of origin.

We soon realise that the name is probably a red herring, as the menu comprises many entreeswhich could easily pass of as a full fledged meal. We start the meal with the delightful Samarkhand Shashlik, a central-Asian starter with skewered paneer and veggies and sauce. It is oily and tangy and is a definite must try for vegetarians. If you are on a diet or are watching over the calorie count, you could chomp on Good morning Vietnam, fresh vegetables rolled in Thai rice paper. It is light on the stomach, tastes good and is nutritious. We also have a sample of the popular buffalo wings, prepared American style with a host of sauces. It is oily, but the sweet-sour taste renders one an instant fan. However, the star among the starters is the Kukra momos, Tibetan momos, which is a dish no true momo lover can afford to miss. The momo is slightly off white in colour, but is soft, not too oily and great on taste, especially with the spicy sauce that is served with the momos. The beauty of the Quesdilla con pollo, a Mexican dish comprising cheese, chicken and an assortment of veggies is in the fact that it offers a different taste with each bite, as you bit into the different layers.

After having a massive helping of the starters, we move on to the entrees, starting the assault with the Chandini Chowk to China Entrée, which is delightful and transports you to the gallis of Delhi. It has a smoky aftertaste and is fairly spicy. However, the item that blew my mind was the treasures of Kerala roll, served with coconut and prawns.

The combination is wonderful and tastes very similar to the puttu. The prawn is fresh and the mix manages to retain the crunchiness of the coconut. We finish the meal with a thai lychee cream dessert, where fresh lychee pieces make for a tasty combination with flavoured milk. Rolls United is located at No.15, I main road, I block, Koramangala. Call 99002 15510.

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