Tender and succulent lamb chop wrapped in an array of flavours makes for an irresistible dish

One of the simplest dishes possible, allowing all the natural flavours of the meat to come through. Quick to make, there exists many versions of it. One can use different kinds of marinades and here the chef integrates Worcestershire sauce (a fermented liquid condiment), red wine, rosemary, zucchini and other ingredients to add to its flavours.

Barbequed lamb chops


Lamb chops - 800 gms

2 garlic - 20 gms

Onion - 80 gms

Worcestershire sauce - 15 ml

Mustard - 10 gms

Rosemary - 5 gms

Rock salt – to taste

Black pepper – 3 gms

Red wine vinegar - 30 ml

Red wine - 100 ml

Mint - 2 gms

Zucchini – 300 gms

Cherry tomato - 150 gms


Clean the lamb chops, de-bone it and pat dry using a kitchen towel.

Make marinade with garlic, onion, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, rosemary, mint, black pepper, red wine vinegar, red wine and blend it. Dip lamb chops in marinade overnight.

Before putting it on skewers, add rock salt and cook it on high flame for four minutes to seal the juices, then on slow flame cook it for 15 minutes.

Chef de cuisine, Edmilson Goncalves de Azevedo, Wildfire, Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon, has gained exhaustive experience in several Brazilian eateries not only in his native country but also in China and Japan


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