After much meandering, we finally find what we are looking for: Breizh Café, home to a unique Parisian delicacy: crepes.

These are not any roadside crepes. No, these are so much more. Known as ‘galettes,’ these buckwheat delicacies are made even more delectable by the toppings that adorn them. From rich chocolate ganache to buttery caramel, Breizh prides itself on housemade delights.

As my sister and I take our seats, we are directed to the menu projected on the wall; all in French, of course. With my six years of French and my sister’s semester of class, we can piece together the ingredients. She chooses a simply magnificent creation: caramel galette with Chantilly cream. The smoldering heat of the caramel combined with a slight hint of vanilla from the cream is simply irresistible.

One week later, we arrive at the same place. There’s no need for a menu, we know what we want. As my Paris voyage comes to a close, more than the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, there is one place that I know I must visit during my next journey, for a trip to Paris cannot be complete without an appearance from the classic, Breizh Café.