It was a cream-dream come true for food aficionados, women and children at ‘Blaack Forest', the charming little place on Lake View Road, for delicious cakes and other palatable bakery items. The occasion was the completion of a year on its tasty journey.

A live cake show, exhibiting various cake decoration techniques enthralled quite a few curious minds and craving mouths. As it was something new and for the first time in the city, the event was perfectly organized over the weekend.

Delicious cakes

“We have gained and enjoying a regular patronage from an assorted clientele. So we planned to celebrate our first anniversary with this cake show to help our customers not only savour delicious cakes but also learn about authentically decorating it,” gushed Anandh, the bakery owner.

Women indeed went crazy on the preparations showcased, wanting to indulge in similar experiments with their kitchen business and to equip themselves with better ways of being a nicer mom for their nudging kids. “We really want to learn such recipes” said an enthusiastic homemaker, frequent with her queries on the varieties displayed. “I will definitely try these at home. But some ingredients are imported, so one will have to hunt for suitable local substitutes,” quipped another food buff.

Ball time

It was a complete ball time for children who went gleefully greedy and constantly attacked plates of cakes, cookies and savories pledging a bang for their parent's pocket. A mini kitchen was set up in the sitting area of the bakery for demonstration. Scores of ‘wows' and applause resounded for chef Daniel's patience and excellence, meticulously decking up almost seven cakes one by one like brides in their best. Making a cake is surely an art, demanding passionate involvement. Three layers of fluffy bread like substance is perfected into pies and interspersed with cream. Keeping this on a revolving disc, plenty of fresh cream is uniformly spread on all sides. Cones of flavoured glistening gel are skilfully smeared over and various designs and shapes are piped out of cream, garnished with fruit purees and sugar dragées.

When the cakes were completely dressed, crowned with nuts, fruits and scented with flavours and sprinkled with colours, everyone got snoopy and enveloped the chef's counter, craving for a visual treat of the mouth watering delicacies, making the tiny place awfully congested. Soon the mellow matter captivated everyone's concern as the chef started on a new cake. The highlight variety was the kiwi flavoured one with a cream-made elephant and bear sitting on it that enticed kids. Scrumptious strawberry cake, a delectable choco-indulge and a palatable pineapple cake were the other tummy stirring yummies. Men and women, young and old, everyone enjoyed watching the cakes taking shape.

After all, who said cakes are only for weddings and birthdays? They are much for satisfying cream-craves as well.