The fewest of ingredients whip up a mouth watering dessert

The flan makes the simplest of desserts, a delicate beauty. Coconut flan, quite like the caramel custard, comes with a sheet of fragile caramel on top. Underneath it is the rich flan with the flavour of coconut milk, along with a dash of vanilla. Apart from the time for oven cooking, the flan doesn't pinch your time at all. A classic dessert to finish any meal.

Coconut flan


375 gms sugar

6 eggs

250 gms coconut milk powder

10 ml vanilla essence

500 ml water


Caramelise sugar. Then gently whip together the rest of the ingredients — eggs, coconut milk powder and vanilla essence along with water. Pour the prepared caramel onto a recipient and then pour on to it the blend of other ingredients. Place it on a container and put it in an oven in Baine Marie (a cooking equipment) at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

The dessert is ready to serve.


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