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Updated: July 4, 2014 18:33 IST
Melange: Chef Toque/Roberto Zorzoli

‘A chef cannot be perfect’

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Chef Roberto Zorzoli
Special Arrangement
Chef Roberto Zorzoli

Chef Roberto Zorzoli is the Chef De Cuisine, Focaccia – Hyatt Regency, Chennai

What did you have for dinner last night?

Last night, I ate a shrimp risotto with shrimp, scallops and peas.

What are you reading now? 

I’m not a lover of books, but I like to read the news on the Internet to keep me updated.

What's your favourite recipe book?

As mentioned in the previous answer, I'm not a lover of books. To find new aspirations, to create new recipes and keep me up-to-date with my work, I speak with my co-workers and customers, and spend a lot of time on the Internet. I have always been more focussed on the practical side of things rather than theory.

Next vacation? What do you plan to eat there?

I think in January, I will go to Juneau, Alaska. I do not know about specific dishes but certainly, I'll try the local cuisine. I think there will be lots of good fish.

Best meal?

Obviously, pasta in all ways and in all sauces! Being a true Italian, I’m very passionate about my food.

What about the worst?

Some things that I do not like: freshwater fish, pheasant, and all offal like tripe, kidneys or liver.

Places you eat at most often?

At the moment, I mostly eat in the hotel; due to operations, I cannot eat out much. I always love to eat home-cooked food and I really like Indian food.  

Lessons learnt in the kitchen?

That a chef cannot be perfect and every individual in the kitchen has something to teach every day. For me, it’s like new learning from new people every day. And most importantly, the ingredients and recipe for a good dish is to put good quantities of heart and love in everything you're going to do.

Any secret junk food confessions?

Junk food no, but I do indulge with cheese and have to work it off at the gym the next day.  

Last meal on earth: What would you choose?

White truffle risotto.

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