After 27 years in neighbouring Tirupur, Hotel Sri Suriya now serves foodies in Coimbatore

After having served a satisfied clientele for 27 years in Tirupur, Hotel Sri Suriya has opened a branch at Coimbatore seven months ago. It is situated on Trichy Road near the Ramanathapuram junction. About two months ago a cousin spoke highly about the food there, and it was wholly seconded by my siblings. That was all I needed to see for myself.

I was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant is a large open space. It has wide tables, comfortable seats, is non fussy and tastefully done up.

Large rectangular steel platters lined with banana leaves were quickly placed before us. They must have employed genies in their kitchen because the food arrived at lightening speed. The special item on their menu is the bun parota, so called because of it's shape and fluffy texture. They are amazingly soft and stay that way even when cold. The egg kothu parota, gravies, mushroom biriyani, brain fry, chilli prawns, small onion chicken are all worth trying. They also serve many paneer and Chinese dishes. A busy take away counter operates at the entrance and they offer free home delivery. A sign is pasted on every wall to remind the diner to sample their “ice beeda”. We did and it was cold as ice and syrupy sweet. The texture was like biting into a soft baklava, with many layers. I was told that the beeda is frozen after it is made and served straight from the freezer. It is the perfect sweet end to a spicy meal.

Surprisingly the food did not leave us feeling heavy or uncomfortable.

The dishes were not too oily. A meal for five costs around Rs.1800 . Their timings are from 11.30 a.m until 4 p.m and 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

You can contact them at 4204440 or 9952744844.

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