What to put on the table every morning?

Do you wake up every morning wondering what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Planning a menu for a party is fun. But planning a menu for every day of the week takes more than plain enthusiasm, especially if you are a novice. Puducherry resident, Kalavathy Venugopal, seems to have understood the everyday conundrum and tries to resolve it in her new cookbook, Dinasari Saiva Samayal (Everyday Vegetarian Cooking)”. The 68-year-old hearing-impaired author has compiled her best recipes, popular among family and friends, in a slim volume.

The book is targeted at newly-weds who are confounded about what to put on the dining table every day. A notable feature is that the entire book is planned as a menu for every day of the week — from Monday through Sunday. Under each day, are listed eight recipes from rice dishes and curries to chutneys and snacks. The book is meant to be a ready-reckoner for beginners. “There is nothing to dread about the kitchen or cooking,” is Kalavathy’s message.

With simple ways to make the carrot vadai and Mangalore Bonda (her signature specials), she may tempt the uninitiated to give the ladle a try.

For details, email kalavathyvenugopal@gmail.com


Puducherry MetroPlusJanuary 31, 2014