Let your garden be a mix of vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash
HYDERABAD, September 18, 2014

Fresh from my garden

Will palak dal taste better if the spinach is plucked from your own kitchen garden? Is it better to use baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and lettuce from your backyard to toss up a salad, where you k... »
BALANCING ACT Mahesh is out to woo the masses
Hyderabad, September 16, 2014

No stopping him

Achieving stardom overnight is like running a sprint but staying at the top is a marathon. It is a roller coaster where the pressure and focus is on the star to deliver. One Friday it is you and t... »
IN HONOUR Shobha Gosa receives the Sadguru Gnananda Fellowship.
Hyderabad, September 15, 2014

Service and society

Why would Management professionals abandon promising careers or a wheel chair-bound individual serve the disabled through setting up their own NGOs? If heart did not rule head, social entrepreneurs... »
REVEALED BY LAYERS The artist treats his canvas before applying several layers of paint.
Hyderabad, September 14, 2014

Oil through wilderness

Traversing a Changing Landscape, Narendranath Palala’s latest exhibition is a result of years of painting. “I don’t bring my paintings out unless there is an exhibition. My paintings are like my ch... »
LET’S MAKE A START Cycling is catching up in the city. Photo: G.P. Sampath Kumar
Hyderabad, September 12, 2014

Wind of change

From being ‘we are like that only’ to ‘this isn’t right’, Hyderabadis have sure come a long way. For long, there was an argument about the lack of a beach unlike Chennai, so, ‘we can’t go beach com... »
WARMTH IN HINDI Experts say youngsters should be encouraged to talk in Hindi even if it has a mix of other words. Photo: S. Subramanium
HYDERABAD, September 17, 2014

On a Hindi path

This year, ‘Hindi Diwas’ fell on a Sunday and there are quiet celebrations in the following week celebrated as ‘Hindi week’. Unlike Telugu, which is seeing a slow decline in usage among youngsters... »
ART FOR HOME The salt-glazed ceramic functional art piece on display - rain cloud plates. Photos: Special Arrangement
Hyderabad, September 16, 2014

Functional art from the kiln

2014 would probably be remembered, apart from political reasons, as the year that Hyderabad faced prolonged summer. Artist Aarti Vir took a cue from the general longing for rain clouds when she was... »
HYDERABAD, September 14, 2014

‘I like this kind of humour’

Sorabh Pant gets annoyed when he comes across headlines that scream ‘Seventeen year old raped…’ “Shouldn’t we focus on the perpetrator of the crime, shame him and say, for example, a 45-year-old m... »
A collection of Kiyaa dolls
Hyderabad, September 14, 2014

New playmate for girls

Move over Barbie, Kiyaa is the new playmate for little girls in India. Kiyaa, the Indian fashion doll to be launched next month is the brain child of Hima Sailaja, a design engineer-turned-fashion... »
Ravi Teja in 'Power'
September 12, 2014

Power: Irrational mayhem

It takes a special kind of nonchalance to package a film with a string of sequences, one illogical than the other, and lull the audience into believing that they are being entertained. A few films... »

Devaraja Mudali Street in George Town packs in a vast variety of merchandise, and some unusual history to boot »

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