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Rev Eye gives the market a new fun twist with opportunities to support and generate business and support each other with Motion Print.
hyderabad, April 22, 2014

Dance of the words

Ever wondered how it would be if words and images begin to crawl, then walk and finally break into a dance? It happens in films with graphics, but it could well happen with your morning newspaper a... »
Quadcopter-footer and Myo band.
hyderabad, April 22, 2014

Myo, the latest in gesture control

The day is not far when you would be seamlessly able to operate various computing devices with your gestures. Remember how cool the technology looked in Minority Report? Well, we have not a... »
Elangovan says the banana stem soup is the most popular.
coimbatore, April 22, 2014

I am… Elangovan - Soup seller

All the joggers and walkers on Race Course know me. After an exhausting walk, they quench their thirst with a hot cup of my banana stem soup. They smile blissfully as they munch on the stem,... »
Sneha and Prasanna
April 21, 2014

Tasty, with a dash of love

It’s a film that celebrates food and unlikely love. And when Prakash Raj announced that he’s remaking the Malayalam smash hit Salt N’ Pepper with him and Sneha in the lead, many smiled. For,... »
Filmmakers make films for the audience, so all the commercial aspects matter, says Aari.
chennai, April 20, 2014

On the highway of fame

Actor Aari spent two years trying to breathe life into the character of a highway robber Murugan in Nedunchalai. And his efforts have paid off. His phone hasn’t stopped ringing ever since th... »
Oranges contain a variety of phytochemicals which have a very positive effect on human health. Photo: R. Shivaji Rao
April 20, 2014
meals that heal

Salsa with oranges

Oranges are the best known citrus fruits and one of the most popular fruits across the world. They are low in calories, rich in dietary fibers and have no saturated fats or cholesterol. Orange is... »
April 19, 2014

CityZen: Coimbatore

Ranjana Singhal, 44 Occupation restaurateur 1. What is your most prized possession My family, hard work 2. If you were granted a wish what wou... »
Illustration by Satheesh Vellinezhi
COIMBATORE, April 19, 2014

Wild walks in Wellington

I am particular about addressing people I meet by their correct name. But all that went flying out of my head when I met this massive Indian one day on my morning walk. It was only after I returne... »
Green mango granita
coimbatore, April 17, 2014

Ice cold summer special

A fine dining restaurants where a meal may comprise of several courses, the chef likes to have his diners take a break from all the rich flavours, by offering them a palate cleanser in between cou... »
Cycle to enjoy the mountain urges Pauline Temme
coimbatore, April 16, 2014

Wobbling down the mountains

The plan was crazy. My friend and I wanted to cycle from Ooty to Bangalore. When we told our parents back home in Germany and our Indian friends of our idea, the response was the same: “You are cra... »
The village experience in Kalap.
coimbatore, April 22, 2014

Holidays on a shoe-string

Africa or Antartica, Machu Pichu or Melbourne… That was last year. But Coimbatoreans, caught in the throes of recession, are looking at more inexpensive ways to holiday this summer. Many of them c... »
Block prints, Dhaboo printing and touches of kantha and aari embroidery perk up the collection that comes in an understated indigoivory scheme.
chennai, April 22, 2014

Go indigo this summer

“Bold and bling are not necessarily beautiful in the world of fashion,” says Ashish Parik of the label Virtues.Having created stunning silhouettes with home-grown textiles and humble handcra... »
Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in 2 States
hyderabad, April 21, 2014

2 States: Tiresome stereotype

Cultural differences between the families often play spoilsport in Bollywood love stories. We have come a long way from the dramatic spell and tragic swell of Ek Duje Ke Liye; with young graduates... »
Hands up! For good times. NGOs in the city and kids
coimbatore, April 20, 2014

Sixteen ways to a better world

Sixteen youngsters, all in their 20s have a vision; of educating as many orphans in the city as possible and they have formed an NGO called Enlightening Future - Enlift. At the moment, the me... »
chennai, April 20, 2014

Ask Shanaz

Please suggest some home remedies to get rid of head lice and nits. — Nivedha Apply vinegar on the hair and scalp. After an hour, comb your hair with a fine-tooth lice comb... »
Alternative and awesome: Coimbatore is witnessing an alternative music culture
coimbatore, April 19, 2014

The songs they are singing…

There is music afoot in the city. Crashing cymbals blend with soft notes of the violin. An electric guitar plays the swaras of a Carnatic raga. Elsewhere, a Flamenco plays hauntingly, accompanied b... »
French baguette bread at
COIMBATORE, April 19, 2014

Man can live on bread alone

For those of you who love bread, and don’t view it as a dietary substitute for someone who is sick at home, and those of you who know that there could be bread apart from white and brown, I greet... »
Director A. Madonne Ashwin, director fo short film Dharmam
Coimbatore, April 18, 2014

Social drama

How can a beggar speak English, demands a young boy in the short film Dharmam. He is reluctant to speak in English at a fancy dress competition for which he is dressed as a beggar. Then, th... »
Megha Mariam Varghuse dazzles in a pair of jhumkas on her wedding day.
Thiruvananthapuram, April 17, 2014

Timeless style statements

Vidya Balan wears them and so does Deepika Padukone. Closer home, Kavya Madhavan and Rima Kallingal don them too. Nearly everyone seems to be sporting jhumkas (jimmikis) – kundan, metal, terracott... »

“I started working in 2007, the year the scheme for distributing books to women in the neighbourhood was introduced. I had done odd jobs earlier including the cleaning job at the Aikya Kerala Read... »

Bite into a bit of food history with the hot cross bun, which is popular throughout the year despite its close links to Easter »

Catch glimpses of street art, get to know your neighbours and your city through Jane’s Walk »