Anand Sudheer Babu
Thiruvananthapuram, September 26, 2014

The eyes have it

Messrs. Blink and Wincent are the new detectives in town, complete with fedora hats and trench coats. What’s interesting is that the quirky comic book sleuths, a la Dasan and Vijayan [of Nad... »

The Southern Railway's Tweet it Campaign on October 2. Photo: R.Eswarraj
Thiruvananthapuram, September 26, 2014
Tracking change

On the track of cleanliness

The next time you fling out that biscuit wrapper or bottle out of a train, watch out. Chances are that you could be caught on camera, littering the tracks. What comes later would be penal actio... »

An old photograph of a bus from south Travancore, c. 1930s.
Thiruvananthapuram, September 26, 2014

Hidden histories: Wheels of change

The industrial revolution in England during the 19th century created far-reaching changes in erstwhile Travancore. However, only in the initial decade of the 20th century did Tra... »
Steaming hot puttu. Photo: Hari Shanker R.
Thiruvananthapuram, September 25, 2014

Hot puttu, idiyappam and more

A plate of hot steamed puttu served with delicious kadala curry is an irresistible combination for any foodie. One of the staple breakfast recipes of Kerala, puttu is an eternal favourite of Ma... »

Each branch of an Ixora coccinea (thettipoovu) tree has been wedge grafted with different a colour. Photo: Sudhish Kumar
Thiruvananthapuram, September 25, 2014

It’s a techie life: Blossoms of creativity

Wander around techie Sudhish Kumar’s extensive home garden and you’re bound to come across a nadan rose bush that flowers in orange, pure white, red and rose. In his colleague Sachin Nar... »

Green gram chundal Photo: Sreemathy Ramaswamy
Thiruvananthapuram, September 24, 2014

Pulsating with flavours

Chundals, which are prepared as Prasad, are healthy snacks that are easy to make. Chundals can be sweet or spicy. Different kinds of pulses are used to make these chundals. Try these recipes to ma... »
Ghatam exponent Trivandrum R. Rajesh (33) is the recipient of the T.V. Vasan Foundation Yuvaprathibha award (2012).
Thiruvananthapuram, September 24, 2014

Stars of the musical firmament

Torchbearers of a rich tradition, these young musicians are going places with the melody and rhythm they have at their fingertips. Come Navarathri, these city-based music makers are busy travellin... »
Artists engaged in making Navarathri figurines at a shop in Karamana Photo: S. Gopakumar
Thiruvananthapuram, September 26, 2014

Time to doll up for the festive season

Navarathri, the festival that celebrates womanhood, is awash in revelry and cheer. A brilliant feature of this nine-day festival is the colourful bomma kolus that are a feast to the eyes... »

Risham Khan M., aircraft engineer
Thiruvananthapuram, September 26, 2014

CityZen: Of family, immortality, spiders and conscience

Risham Khan M.Aircraft engineer, 27What is your most prized possession?It would be my family and friends; they are incredible.If you were granted a... »

The cast and crew of Sneha Santhwanam. Photo: Nita Sathyendran
Thiruvananthapuram, September 25, 2014

Dialogues on compassion

Aksharakala, Thiruvananthapuram is giving voice to the hospice movement with their new play, Sneha Santhwanam, directed by veteran theatreperson Meenambalam Santosh. It’s perhaps fo... »
Sunil with his veenas in Thiruvananthapuram. Photo: S. Mahinsha
Thiruvananthapuram, September 25, 2014

In accord with seven notes

Play a musical instrument or sing? Then you would know Sunil, the go-to person for many musicians in the city. An artisan and trained musician in his own right, Sunil’s Pranavam Musical Foundat... »

Raju P.
Photo: Liza George
Thiruvananthapuram, September 24, 2014

I am…Raju P.

Occupation: Sells bomma kolus I come from a family of artisans in Karamana who specialise in making bomma kolus. I studied up till class 10. My family had a stall near the Padmanab... »
FIRST TAKE Director-writer Bindu Gopinath and cinematographer M.J. Radhakrishnan on the sets of Thamaranoolu.
Thiruvananthapuram, September 24, 2014

Petals of talent

Bindu Gopinath intuitively felt that there was something missing in her busy life as a mediaperson, artist and teacher. She painted, wrote and read extensively. It was when she decided to meld her... »
Tanja Dueckers
Thiruvananthapuram, September 24, 2014

From Berlin, with love

There is pin drop silence in the lecture hall at Goethe Zentrum Trivandrum. All ears are tuned in to Tanja Dueckers, one of the top 40 litterateurs in Germany. The author who has written severa... »

The new GLA was launched in Europe in April this year. In India, Mercedes has received confirmed bookings of 600 units in 18 days before Tuesday’s launch. »

The old Hindi saying – the chicken in your backyard tastes like lentils – holds true when it comes to cuisines. Take the food of Nepal, which was introduced to Delhi only after a wide range of cuis... »

Trendy colours, prints and cuts come together in Karishma Kristina Singh’s outfits. PRIYADARSHINI PAITANDY on the young designer’s fuss-free creations »