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delhi, April 16, 2014

Playing with fire

Prasanna Ramaswamy’s play Valarkalai (The River Flows) — as a part of the ongoing Sangeet Natak Akademi festival by SNA award recipients and Fellows for 2013 — will be presented this Thursd... »
The band loves playing all over India but has experienced also the European reggae scene.
delhi, April 16, 2014

Reggae rules

“Don’t forget your history, know your destiny...” was singing Bob Marley in his song “Rat Race” in 1976, and this is very close to the idea of music that inspires the Reggae Rajahs, arguably the fi... »
Bhaavya Bhatnagar with her collection.
delhi, April 16, 2014

Summer style

Summer’s here, and while you would like to dress light, lounging around in linens and cottons, those wedding, cocktail and festival invitations don’t stop. The heavily embroidered, cumbersome saris... »
Alpna cinema hall. Photo: Sushil Kumar Verma
delhi, April 16, 2014

Curtains down

Almost every day, some of us drive past them. Almost all of us fail to even acknowledge their presence. Such is the march of time. Yet there was a time in the none-too-distant past that these cemen... »
CBTL opened its new café in the Capital’s Khan Market recently. This is its seventh outlet in Delhi and NCR.
delhi, April 16, 2014

What’s brewing?

In the time honoured tradition of Delhi, let’s start with the complaints. It is hard to find a safe and comfortable place in this city for friends to meet and have a good time in a casual atmospher... »
Architect Raj Rewal concedes that architecture is not on the top of the mind of the people and the rulers. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar.
delhi, April 16, 2014
table for two

Of architecture and aroma

He is as imposing as his structures and as modest as the values they emanate. Like sandstone, the construction material he is fond of, he has weathered well. Architect Raj Rewal lives his work ethi... »
Researchers from foreign universities at the library. Photo: Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty
new delhi, April 14, 2014

And drops formed an ocean…

Old Delhi, to the general mind, is a picture of chaos, rickshaws, pullers, pushers and a teeming crowd. But there is none of it in this part of the Walled City that I venture into — Pahari Imli bey... »
new delhi, April 14, 2014

Veggies’ delight

After religiously following a non-vegetarian diet, just to take a break, I opted to explore the world of vegetarian food. Compared to their counterpart, there are fewer options in Delhi for vegetar... »
Selfies display their control over how they want to present their own own images. Photo: Monica Tiwari.
new delhi, April 14, 2014

Me, myself

As I type the word ‘selfie’, a red line appears underlining it, indicating that it is either an incorrect spelling or a word not recognised by the software. Surely the software can’t be blamed: aft... »
Giant trees survive in protected State Parks on the Pacific Coast.
chennai, April 11, 2014

Reaching for the skies

All along a 450-mile stretch of west coast America is the home of the tallest trees in the world. Once, in this narrow hinterland of the Pacific Coast, from central California to southern Oregon,... »
Donna Tartt
delhi, April 16, 2014

Prima Donna

When you read The Goldfinch, those eleven years Donna Tartt spent writing it suddenly make sense. That she compares writing each book to a long sea-voyage also makes sense. The Goldfinch... »
Simona, the Italian artist, a self-confessed explorer, has firmed her footing in Udaipur, Rajasthan, for the past
eight years,
delhi, April 16, 2014

At home in the world

Though Simona Bocchi’s sculptures do not have features, they speak a thousand words. All through her college years, Simona did not stay at one institution for more than a year; for she feared that... »
Salil Mehta, Yashoda Kumari and Tarique Afaque.
delhi, April 16, 2014

Riding towards change

In our country, scooters have been associated with the female gender while bikes are regarded as more masculine, meant for young men on the move. This notion persists despite the famous Hamara Baj... »
At the launch of Vaiju Naravane's book.
delhi, April 16, 2014

Past imperfect

Transgressions, a novel by renowned Paris-based journalist Vaiju Naravane, who writes for The Hindu, begins with an end: that of its protagonist, the beautiful Indian fashion designe... »
The beautifully plated Tao duck dumplings at SOY, the pan-Asian restaurant in Khan Market.
delhi, April 16, 2014

Table matters

An invite for a Chef’s table always excites me because it is a situation wherein the Chef puts his 100 per cent to prepare food and create that first impression through his signature dishes. One su... »
With journalist Soma Banerjee, Chikermane charts the journey of Kejriwal and AAP, from its inception to its ascent to power in Delhi, all in 13 very short, but very packed months.
new delhi, April 14, 2014

That face of the ‘Mango Man’

Journalist Gautam Chikermane’s new book, “The Disrupter” (Rupa), tells you that he has been tracking the unholy trinity of money, power and faith, for a very long time. It is no surprise, then, tha... »
Writer R.V.Smith. File Photo.
new delhi, April 14, 2014
Down Memory Lane

Easteride tragedies

Pachipeko was a young man fond of hunting on the week-ends. Like many other Catholics of the Agra-Delhi Archdiocese, he had been named by the Italian Capuchin fathers, who made it a point to christ... »
Statues of Bondo Tribal Family at the Tribal Musuem in Jhandewalan in New Delhi. Photo: S. Subramanium
new delhi, April 14, 2014

In a tribe of its own

Is there a deliberate attempt to keep the public away from our museums? One wonders frequenting these museums in the city which have the requisite exhibits to attract them but not the warmth and th... »
As a little punctuation on the ramp at Wills Fashion Week, there was a heady installation of architectural forms created out of archival papers, a pair of scissors and the ingenious mind of Sachin George Sebastian.
new delhi, April 14, 2014

Fashioning Paper

Urban chic and a crowded chaos — Sachin George Sebastian’s paper installation at the recent Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week in Delhi had people enraptured as models sashayed down the ramp in Rahul Mi... »
It was a 7 day trek on the frozen Zanskar river from Tilat Somda to Shingda Kauma to Tibb and Nerak and back each campsite about 13 to 15 kms apart.
hyderabad, April 11, 2014

Treading the ‘Ice way’

If the idea of walking on a frozen river with a 9 kg backpack on your back and very cold water gushing a few inches below your feet is terrifying, you are not alone. Those were the exact same emoti... » 2 comments

Films are the key to realising himself, director-writer Anil Radhakrishnan Menon tells P. Anima »

On some days, I earn around Rs.150-200. Sometimes, there’s no business at all. Then I just sit here and watch the world go by until it is time to go home »

An eco-art project is the link to a tree planting initiative in Auroville and Slovenia. Olympia Shilpa Gerald has the details »