November 27, 2014

Pretty Persimmon

On her recent trip to China, my mother and her friends were amazed at not only the variety of fruit on offer but the enormous sizes they came in. And, the fat luscious Persimmon was what they enjo... »
Vijay Milton
COIMBATORE/CHENNAI, November 26, 2014

Vikram is a director’s delight, says Vijay Milton

More than a decade ago, cinematographer SD Vijay Milton was called to shoot a song for Samurai. He spent close to nine days on the road with director Balaji Sakthivel and actor Vikram — to... »
Daniel Fernandes: Laughathon. Photo: Ananthan
COIMBATORE, November 24, 2014

Laughs, giggles and some serious fun

A laugh fest is to be watched and enjoyed, not written about. How does one even begin to translate those one-liners, repartees and memorable insults into words? But, we are going to try in all ser... »
November 23, 2014

Don’t sweat the small stuff

What does sweating have to do with weight loss? Nothing much and definitely nothing permanent. Sweat is basically water mixed with electrolytes, mostly sodium. Sweating is a way for t... »
Sudeep Sen
COIMBATORE, November 21, 2014

Celebrating with Sudeep Sen

“The poet is much more the one who inspires, than the one who is inspired.” Paul Éluard I tend to associate Sudeep Sen with a kind and giving shade of blue. Blue, like the... »
An unhurried experience: The Sunday brunch where you are served anything from Ramasseri idlis to ratatouille PHOTO: PANKAJA SRINIVASAN
COIMBATORE, November 21, 2014

I, me, myself and a brunch

I just discovered a perfect way to spend some me time. It all began when Vivanta By Taj Surya extended an invitation to try out its Sunday Brunch. Assuming that it would all be ready by 11.... »
A love story juggernaut: Ravinder Singh with his milling fans. Photo: K. Ananthan
November 27, 2014

The romance of a writer

Ravinder Singh’s life sounds filmy! He found success after crushing rejection, and found love because of a love lost. And today, he is India’s top-billed romance writer, his books having sold two m... »
For the love of cinema: Participants performing at the auditions. Photos: K. Ananthan
November 26, 2014

For that role of a lifetime

The door of the audition room opens. A voice from inside announces: “You get 30 seconds to perform.” The aspiring actors crack their knuckles, while a few others pace across the hall. Says 26-year... »
Nandita Das
CHENNAI/COIMBATORE, November 23, 2014

Yale and hearty

Nandita Das is still smiling after a session at The Actors Studio, New York, on Friday. Actors such as Julianne Moore and Al Pacino are part of this Studio, which works as a support system for act... »
Inculcating love for music: Parvathy Baul
November 21, 2014

Artistry unlimited

The sound of an ektara wafts through the mountain air at Vidya Vanam. I follow the music and find myself before a remarkable looking woman in saffron robes, with long braided hair touching her ank... »
COIMBATORE, November 21, 2014

Adieu, old friend

I fell in love for the first time when I was 10. With a village called Nanjundapuram. It was the last day of school and Appa had come by in his off-white Lambretta to take me back home. We made th... »

Meet Sneha Sharma and Mira Erda, two women racers of India who are undaunted by the challenges of the male dominated field of motor sport »

A friend comes bearing a gift of Persimmon and teaches the author how to use it in a delicious dessert »

As part of Crafts Council of India’s golden jubilee celebrations, efforts are being made to revive the exquisite Parsi Gara embroidery. Apoorva Sripathi meets the people behind the initiative »