Yoga Wisdom at Work: Finding sanity off the mat and on the job; Maren Showkeir and Jamie Showkeir, Collins Business, Rs 299

Everyone knows that yoga helps reduce stress and increase the body’s flexibility and strength. But the poses are only one part of a larger philosophy offering profound insights to confront the complexities of life.

Yoga can help you remain centred, compassionate, positive, and sane every hour of the day — especially those between nine and five.

This guide shows how practising the full range of yogic concepts — the traditional “Eight Limbs of Yoga” — leads to a productive, creative, and energising work place. It features examples from professions like law enforcement, teaching, banking, filmmaking, medicine, and many more. But beyond that, this book is an invitation to use all of yoga’s teachings to cultivate the spark of the divine that dwells within each of us.

Inseparable Twins: 12 Paired Principles to Inspire Young Minds; Naveen Lakkur, Lone Tree Books, Rs.399.

Every person is capable of innovation. Each person’s innovative potential cannot be fully realised if it is not properly nurtured.

Naveen Lakkur has a way to rekindle potential and innate energy: a set of a dozen paired codes that helps people realise their full potential and enjoy their journey. It is especially targeted at young minds to help them avoid many of the hurdles and pitfalls that they will encounter in the pursuit of an ambition.

Rather than elucidate these twin principles as a dry, academic, typically business book, the author offers a set of parables in an easy-to-read lucid style. These tenets are unravelled through the experienced eyes of two elephants, Appy and Proppy, whose chance meeting with a man called Lucky stimulates a series of conversations about the 12 twins.


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