Living Easy with Diabetes: The Ultimate Handbook; Dr. Pradeep G. Talwalkar, Penguin India, Rs.299.

Can diabetes make me go blind? Are diabetic men more likely to be impotent? Should I inject U/40 insulin with a U/100 syringe? Can I travel if I have diabetes? Should I tell my boss of my condition? Living Easy with Diabetes: The Ultimate Handbook is your must-have guide to managing this malaise. Packed with insights from a seasoned diabetologist and diabetes educator, it answers your technical and practical questions; explains symptoms, complications and control methods; and inspires you to lead a healthy, happy life by keeping diabetes at bay. Covering the A–Z of diabetes — from planning meals to planning pregnancies, from regulating blood sugar to injecting insulin painlessly — Living Easy with Diabetes is an indispensable resource for diabetics and caregivers.

Don't Slap Your Wife But Don't Get Slapped Either; Sunil Vaid, Random House, Rs.299.

Men trying to be better husbands through trial and error will welcome the wisdom, humour and aphorisms of Don’t Slap Your Wife. The book demystifies some of the tribulations married couples face, including day-to-day interactions with each other, adjustments during and after the honeymoon phase, and even pent-up resentment. It asks married men to delve into the innermost workings of relationships to get the best out of their marriage. Don’t Slap Your Wife deals with a serious subject in an honest and irreverent way. Amusing and thought-provoking, this is an entertaining book that will help husbands navigate the sometimes-confusing territory of marriage.

What You're Really Meant to Do: A Road Map for Reaching Your Unique Potential; Robert Steven Kaplan, Harvard Business School Press, Rs.795.

Building a fulfilling life and career can be a daunting challenge. It takes courage and hard work. Is there a road map that will enable you to defy conventional wisdom, resist peer pressure, and carve out a path that fits your unique skills and passions? Harvard Business School’s Robert Kaplan proposes an integrated plan to identify and achieve your goals, helping you recognise your potential and achieve your goal. He outlines specific steps and exercises to understand yourself more deeply, take control of your career, and build your capabilities in a way that fits your passions and aspirations.


Wellness ReadsAugust 3, 2013