Beauty Unleashed: A Comprehensive Guide to the Perfect Skin and Hair; Dr. Dinyar Workingboxwalla, Westland, Rs. 295

Want to get the best skin and hair in the business? Dip into Dr. Dinyar Workingboxwalla’s new book Beauty Unleashed, in which he offers readers the same advice that he has given his glamorous clients like Lara Dutta, Kim Sharma, Jacqueline Fernandezand Mehr Jessia.

The book includes comprehensive information about: What to look for in skin and hair care products; how to stop the onslaught of time from showing on your face; how to deal with skin problems; facial masks from the kitchen; Massage techniques to maintain a young face and much more.

Dr Dinyar demystifies the beauty industry and allows you to come up with a holistic skincare plan based on your needs. An extensive FAQ section covers all those queries about chemical treatments, sun protection, diet and hair. Once you’ve got that glowing skin, there are makeup tips to highlight it.

This is a simple, practical guide to self-care. You don’t have to worry about your skin or hair again.

The One Plan: A Week-by-Week Guide; Yogi Cameron Alborzian, Harper Element, Rs. 399

In this revolutionary new programme, Yogi Cameron Alborzian presents an antidote to the typical New Year-New You offerings and lays out a 52-week structure that adapts Patanjali’s message as well as Ayurveda to take your life in the modern world into account.

As a practical and accessible guide, The One Plan provides you with specific exercises and regimens for crafting an effective daily routine; tips and reminders to become truly grounded in that routine; real-life stories and inspiration; practical tools for responding to life’s inevitable struggles and setbacks; and even a section on eating the Ayurveda way. By following The One Plan, you will live a life of health, balance, and purpose.

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