An aunt recommends karela juice to control your blood sugar, but is it really worth the trouble? An uncle recommended yoga, but how do you know which asanas to do? Here is a book to help you get validated scientific answers to all these questions and more. It has been developed as a practical guide to self-manage diabetes in India by the Living with Diabetes in India (LWDI) community. Based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific information and with inputs from leading doctors, nutritionists, counsellors and fellow diabetics, the book explains the ABC of controlling diabetes and reveals the key to successful management, coupling it with easy-to-follow eating tips and meal plans. Illustrated examples of physical exercises also help you understand and cope with the disease.

The Illustrated Guide to Living with Diabetes in India; The LWDI Community, Medulla, Rs.295

If you are inspired to take up his challenge, the Karmapa offers a path for participating in a global community that is based on compassion. In this book, he shares his vision to bring social action into daily life, on a scale that can be realistically managed by the choices one makes every day: on what to buy, eat, and how to relate honestly and bravely to our friends and family and co-workers. He shows ways to change our world by changing oneself and habits of consumption and by being willing to look into how food reaches the table and how the products one buys are made. The Karmapa calls on one to open the mind and heart to the innumerable connections shared with others in families, communities, social systems, and on the planet. He presents a relevant framework for understanding what it means to be human and why it is imperative that we concern ourselves with the well-being of all others.

The Heart is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out; The Karmapa, Ogyen Trunley Dorje, Random House, Rs. 499

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