Notes from paradise

A unique part of India that is associated with the best living traditions in craft, cuisine, houseboats and shikaras, rushing mountain streams and snow-clad mountains, Srinagar is a garden of paradise. Srinagar: An Architectural Legacy explores the history and architectural heritage of this 500-year-old city bringing to life its rich past, with its different eras of rulers who made the Valley a part of their empire. To understand the present context of the city, the book takes one on a series of walks giving readers a chance to get a sense of the architectural culture, as well as the dynamic interplay of civic life, religion and trade in the city. The book is divided into two. The first half is about the city’s history, thus contextualising Srinagar’s architectural style; and the second covers walks around the city. Srinagar: An Architectural Legacy is an excellent attempt to document the city’s past as well as continual changes.

Srinagar: An Architectural Legacy; Feisal Alkazi, Lotus Roli, Rs.395.

Travelling coach

Featuring in-depth, analytical essays that are rich in history; delectable travel pieces; and some rare photo features, India Junction celebrates the changes the Railways has brought about in our lives; and examines how the Railways itself has transformed over time. ‘The Great Indian Railways’ takes us to 1853 — the year train travel began in India — and analyses how it strengthened British rule. The travelogues bring to vivid life the sights and sounds of train travel in India, some contemporary, others long consigned to memory. The book features award-winning and renowned authors.

India Junction: A Window To The Nation; Ed Seema Sharma, Rainlight Rupa, Rs.695.