Solution No. 2737


1 Outstanding performer, kind to imitate(5,3)

5 Cavalryman caught in country road close to Sedgemoor(6)

9 Left to choice in platoon, I suspect(8)

10 Temple of a deity in Pennsylvania(6)

11 Urgency shown by the man crossing a street(5)

12 Awfully mean celebrities - say who they are(4,5)

14 Mavericks may make no charge for gins, vodkas, etc.(4,7)

18 London home of detective in song?(5,6)

21 Four-letter word used by girl upset about closure of restaurant(9)

23 Cheese made by pair back in Georgia(5)

24 Grease gear in drilling installation(3,3)

25 Aim to provoke compromise(8)

26 Endure sister, drunk(6)

27 Along with a very fashionable person, meets a head of state(2,4,2)


1 A hat, something for the gardener outdoors?(6)

2 Painter displaying unusual traits(6)

3 Track about boy with female, romantically attached(6,3)

4 What may arrive in the post from Manx chap, in character(5,6)

6 Military commander, elected once more(5)

7 Chinese-style dish, food had by me at home(4,4)

8 Make another appraisal concerning fools on top of statue(8)

13 Teacher resents planners(11)

15 Join unfortunate gent coming in hopping mad(9)

16 A racket rising, rising in slaughterhouse(8)

17 Hoax the French about time for game(8)

19 Caddy initially glued broken club(6)

20 A doctor tucking into mother’s curry(6)

22 Sign of tooth decay, canine needing to be extracted(5)