Solution No. 2735


1 Publicity that’s sent round to confuse(3,3)

4 One holding a sword, blackleg confronting poet(8)

10 Fancy Lorraine getting behind France, finally, in the past?(7,2)

11 Jelly shown in a small photograph(5)

12 Illegal trading in vehicles(7)

13 First to tell funny story about king and revolutionary(7)

14 So don’t regret getting different dog(6,6)

18 More than one infantryman in base joins one inside(4,8)

21 Reveals bit of scandal gathered by the Parisian solicitor(4,3)

23 Shot a line after private action that backfired?(3,4)

24 Stole aboard alien vessel (1-4)

25 A French composer held in Fleet, ultimately extremely lucky to get free (2,7)

26 Better money for the most important officials (3,5)

27 Shellfish in Savoy’s terrific (6)


1 Rather charming to look at (6)

2 Danger that must involve sappers (6)

3 Goes mad about failure to find sandals (4-5)

5 Round-the-clock work blocking busy line in old city (14)

6 Vote against party? (5)

7 Suitable model brought in by a new Pope (8)

8 Weed quadrangle in naval establishment (8)

9 Lines written about race, sign of insincerity (9,5)

15 One delivering shopkeeper’s goods may be confused by an order (6,3)

16 A leader in fashion, elegant and wealthy (8)

17 Swallow, initially, a spot of outrageously used flattery (4,4)

19 Left out of main story involving old Irish detective (6)

20 Actor, powerful participant (6)

22 Fur cap removed from scoundrel (5)

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The Hindu Crossword No. 2737May 4, 2013