Testimony to enterprise

Regarding the article “From Ludhiana to Latina” (Pallavi Aiyar, July 29), it speaks volumes about the human spirit’s ability to go forth and explore as well as about the typical Punjabi/ Sikh spirit of being hard working and enterprising. Hats off. If everyone worked this hard and was as nice to neighbours, the whole world would be a better place.


A heart-rending, inspiring article. These brave people have made a future for themselves.

N. Mantri

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Disposing waste

Regarding “Dignity in a bag” (Priyanka Borpujari, July 29), the initiative by SWaCh of Pune is laudable. Studies show that stray and street dogs have their first taste of human blood only after wading through waste bins where the sanitary napkins are carelessly disposed off. It is therefore desirable that the Pune NGO see that the bags cannot be torn off by these canines. The effort requires support from all right-minded groups. Only by discussing such social and health issues can we develop remedial measures.

M.A. Siraj


The excess of non-biodegradable waste dotting the landscaping is a big problem.The onerous task of separating this waste into reusable and non-reusable parts lies with the waste pickers but the actual task is far from easy. So such stories are truly heartening, as they make inroads into unchartered territory. As our society develops in leaps and bounds, waste disposal will become an important issue, and before we enter a stage of no-return, we need to act.

Anuradha R.


Need for hostels

The suggestion of Harsh Mander (“When dreams die young”, July 29) that residential schools be opened for children from migrant families, street children and the like is worthy of being implemented. To start with, at least one such school should be started in every district and slowly expanded as per the needs of such population. It must be remembered that the first Draft of the Right to Education Bill had this provision, but was left out in subsequent versions for reasons best known to the authors of the Bill. This is much more important than the Model Schools envisaged in the Eleventh Plan.

S.S. Rajagopalan


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